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ZION COMMUNICATION is professional manufacturer and exporter of CCTV Coaxial Cable, CATV Coaxial Cable, LMR Coaxial Cable,Fire Resistant Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Coaxial cable Connectors,Optical Fiber Patch Cord, Cat5e Network Cable, High Speed HDMI cables, Audio speaker cables, security alarm cables,leaky coaxial cable,solar cables, wire cable accessories,smoke detectors. We carry an extensive variety of electronic products for all the major industries including government, military, automotive and telecommunications.

From its humble beginnings in a single workshop in 1999, ZION COMMUNICATION has blossomed into one of the largest independent manufacturer and exporter in China. We have a study and design label,a professional team of engineers and skilled workers, also with the advanced machines and modern factories which can provide our customers with outstanding quality, service, and pricing.Until now, we have five factories in ZheJiang Province to produce different cables, also we invest into 2 connector factories and 1 cable accessories factory and 1 trading company.

ZION COMMUNICATION's management and international sales teams are committed to our customers' utmost satisfaction. Our experienced team of wire and cable experts strives to service every inquiry, quote, and order quickly and efficiently, meeting and often exceeding customers' expectations.


Welcome to visit the official website: https://www.zion-communication.com/

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8 years' cooperation with ZION COMMUNICATION, very good partner! -- Alexander Valencia

Impressed by quick and professional answer each time, very satisfied with good and stable quality. -- John Scott