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Quality Control

Consistent quality is the key to develop long term business relationship;
Therefore ZION COMMUNICATION valued consistent quality throughout every phase of the manufacturing process.
From raw materials to final products, we perform intense quality checks to maintain our product quality.

Since quality is the buzz word today & each customer/consumer wants it in totality.
Our quality policy & work philosophy stresses towards total customer satisfaction.
We have well defined interdepartmental as well as intra Departmental Network Blocks where complete monitoring of job works is done.
A well-trained staff/Dedicated sales /Excelled production force all strive continuously delivering better services to the customer.
An ISO-9002 certification is an affidavit to it which consolidates our verdict for quality.

Description Design

Cable with Copper / Aluminium Conductors PVC insulated color coded cores laid extruded PVC inner sheathed overall PVC sheathed armored/unarmored cables.

Quality Control

A highlight of ZION COMMUNICATION is its emphasis on Quality Control,
Quality Audit and Quality Assurance in the spheres of manufacturing activities and service, i.e. from RAW MATERIAL TO FINAL PRODUCTS to CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICES.

Electrolytic Copper & Aluminum ensures a longer life for the conductor.
Bunching/twisting of ministrants as per international standards.
Proper annealing gives softness & flexibility.
Insulation1 -grade PVC stands high temperatures.
Insulation2 -grade Silicone stands high temperatures.
Insulation3 -grade PTFE stands high temperatures.
Insulation4 -grade FEP stands high temperatures.
Higher DI-electric strength insulation used.
Weatherproof sheathing/insulation material.
Grease/Oil resistant properties.
Voltage fluctuations don't affect.
Resistant to fire hazards.
Self fire-extinguishing & flameproof cables.
Rigid quality controls conforms to-specification.
Chemicals and microbiological attacks don't affect.
No damage due to severe bending while laying.
Immune to fluctuations in temperatures.
Fire Insurance approved.


Testing is a very important part of cable manufacture and all raw materials
and finished cables must be thoroughly tested to ensure the quality of the cables.
ZION COMMUNICATION has a well-equipped test field and electrical, mechanical
and chemical laboratories capable of carrying out all tests which are required as per relevant specifications.
The most modern testing equipment is installed in these laboratories.



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