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TC Digital Temperature Unit , Date Center Accessories , from China Manufacturer - Zion Communiation

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Zion communication OR OEM
Certification: ISO, CE, RoHS, UL
Model Number: Data Center Equipment
Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000 PCS
Packaging Details: 1 PC/Plastic Bag, PCS/Carton
Delivery Time: Normally 10 workingdays
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 30,000 PCS / Month
Detail Information
Model: Cabinet Fitting Bnad: Zion Communication

Product Description

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TC Digital Temperature Unit
Technical Data

· 19"installation

· Simple structure, easy installation;

· Easy cabling & operation;

· Disturbing resistance,reliable running ;

· 2-way output (IEC320 C13 and NEMA 5-15R).

TC Digital Temperature Unit
Main Part
Model No. Input Connector Type
ZC70180101 UK type(BS1363)
ZC70180102 German type(DIN49441)
ZC70180103 US type(NEMA 5-15P)
Technical Parameters

· Power supply: 220VAC+ 10%/-15% , 50/60Hz.

· Temperature measuring range: -50℃ ~99℃.

· Resoluton: 1℃.

· Refrigeration output contact capacity: 10A/277VAC.

· Senssor error delay time: 1min. .

· Safe level: 1P65.

· Operation humidity: 20~85%(no condensate).

· Power consumption: ≤3W.

· Temperature controling range: -40℃ ~50℃.

· Accuracy: -50℃ ~70℃, ±1℃, ±1 ℃ at others can drive single phase compressor≤1/2HP.

· Sensor: NTC.

· Operation temperature: -30℃~75℃.


Key operation

· Check parameter set value:

Press ▲ and then loosen to display the set upper limit; Press and then loosen▼to display the.



Modify parameter set value

· Press set for more than 3s to cnter into parameter modifying status the last,display the last adjusted

menu after electrified with parameter modifying indicator light on.

· Press ▲ or▼to go forward or backward the menu item; press set to display the current.



Parameter set value

· Press set and ■ or ■ simultaneously can adjust the current parameter set value;press set and ■

simultaneously more than 1s will increase current parameter set value quickly; press set and ■

simultaneously more than 1s will decrease current parameter set value puickly;

· Press rst or no key operation in 30s will save the modified parameter and retutn to normal

temperature display status.


Restore the parameter setting

· When electrify the controller,first check the

parameter setting,if parameter setting is

wrong, LED display E1 with buzzer sound,at

this time press Set will restore default

parameter setting.

· Advise to reset the parameter.


Front panel




Key-press function
Key-press Normal mode Parmeter modification mode
SET Check compressor protection time Display current menu set value
SET...3 seconds Enter into parameter modification  
Rst Check temperature exceeding value Quit from parameter modification
Temperature upper limits checking Menu items go backwards
Temperature lower limits checking Menu items go forwards
SET+   Parameter values increase by degrees
SET+   Parameter values decrease by degrees


Control output


· Compressor: When the storage temp.Is higher than set temp.Upper limit,compressor starts,

lower than set temp. Lower limit,compressor stops, When sensor errir, compressor works

proportionably as on -15 minutes off -30 minutes. After electrified or compressor stops .

Compressor restart-up is allowed after running out of compressor protection time.



· Alarm: While temp.exceeding valus is not 0.LED blinkingly displays current temperature

when storage temperature is higher than set temperature upper limip +exceeding temp

value or lower than set lower limit-exceeding temp. value. When rumming out of the

exceeding temp.limit alarm delay after electrified. exceeding temp.limit alarm starts

with buzzer sound,and alarm cancel when temperature return to normal temperature

LED blinkingly Display E1 with buzzer sound when memorizer error; display E2 with

buzzer sound when sensor error, Display HH when temp. Higher than 99°C and lower

than 120'C. Press any key to cancel alarm sound, but alarm status remains.

Lndicator light description   Wire diagram
Staus Funcation TC Digital Temperature Unit-Wire diagram
Cool Always on Compressor cutput
Cool Flashes Compressor cutput delay
Set Always on Parmeter modification status
Key-press function      
Item Funtion Fetting range Unit Default
F1 Upper limit F2~+5 °C -10
F2 Lower limit -40~F1 °C -20
F3 Temperature calibration -5~5 °C 0
F4 Compressor protection time 0~9 Min 3
F5 Exceeding temperatuer value 0~50, set value as 0 to cancel alam °C 15
F6 Exceeding temperature alarm delay time F2~+5 °C 20


Safety regulations


· Danger: Strictly distinguish the sensor down-lead,power wire and output relay interface

from one another,prohibit wrong connections or overloading the relay. All connections

should be modified under electricity cut-off.


· Warning: Prohibit to use the machine in water or under the environment of ower damp,

high temperature,string electromagnetism interference ir string corrosion.


· Caution: The power supply should conform to one labeled on the machine,and ensure

the stability of the power voltage. Sensor down-lead and power should be kept for a

proper distance to avoid possible interferences.


Error Code          
Code Reason Status      
E1 Memorizer error Alarm,machine dose not work      
E2 Sensor error Alarm.Comressor starts/
stop proportionably
HH Exceeding temp,
display limit



Contact Details
Zion Communication

Phone Number : +8618268009191

WhatsApp : +8615088607575